Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas cheer

Every year, about this time
To bring some Christmas cheer
We get some pastry and some jam
And bake, as we haven't all year

I like mince pies, no one else does
So jam tarts are what we make
Small ones, medium ones, some in between
And some too massive to bake

It's not the result that really matters
It's the baking at Christmas time
We'd all be short of festive cheer
If you couldn't smell jam tarts round mine


Mary said...

I am not a fan of mince pies either...but I am sure I would enjoy the happiness of eating jam tarts! Hope you had a good Christmas, Emma.

Brian Miller said...

it is the doing it together that makes it special...that is where the memories are made....but if they do come out they are good eats as well...smiles.

Heaven said...

Home baked goodies during Christmas are the best ~

Wishing you Happy New Year ~

my heart's love songs said...

my favorite holiday activity is to bake together with family. though i'm the only one who likes mince pies, too. {smile}

wishing you a new year full of peace and joy and baking!

thanks for joining in at Poetry Jam!


Laura said...

sweet traditions....gotta love em! Happy New Year!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Oh, yes --- food is indeed a treasured tradition. I enjoyed your work! (I'm sure I'd enjoy your tarts, too!)

SaraV said...

Yum!! Baking is my favorite holiday tradition :-) wish I was there, those tarts look delicious!
Happy New Year!!