Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Postcard from where?

Dear readers
Wish you were here
Well actually, no I don't
I like no-one being near :)

The waves are rolling
The sun shines down
No one can disturb us
There's only dolphins around

Other side of this dune
Is a world of change
Where everything's moving
Developing and improving

Of course the wildlife
Has a mind of its own
But that's exciting
Another reason why here I've flown

I love this place
The people, the land
Wish I could stay
This could be where I stand

But it's a dream alone
One I pray I'll repeat
When money allows
Please reserve my seat


This poem was written for Poets United Wonder Wednesday which asked us to write a "guess where" poem giving clues of a place which we would love to visit right now.  I

'd actually like to delay my trip until January and then go to this place for a month or so, but where am I talking about? 

I'll tell you the location through another poem on Friday.

PS - my daughter Rachel was watching me write this poem and started writing her own which sites put on her blog, please go visit major love of film and support her poem, she's only 7.


Ella said...

It is tropical, oh, I don't know
Puerto Rico?

I loved "wish you were here" and then the reality, lol

Anonymous said...

Is it a beach in South Africa, perhaps? It sounds like a private h(e)aven. :)

Libby Meador said...

New Zealand?

Robyn Greenhouse said...

not sure where but sounds peaceful!

aprille said...

Emma, if I promise to remain quiet and keep my distance, can I come too?
I feel really miffed that I shall miss a time when one can just travel with a hop, skip and jump, like the startrek people. Just for half a day miles away.
No fuss, no passports, no smelly airports and planes, just be there. Ah well...

Mary said...

Hmmmm, I would need more clues. Sounds great though.

Panchali said...

Some place where the sky meets the sea...ah, it is a place worth thousand visits :))