Wednesday, 19 December 2012


If the orange is the world
And the candle is the light
Then we know Jesus is with us
Every day and every night

If the sweets are the seasons
And the gifts given by God
Then we know to look after
Everything in our world

If the ribbon is His blood
His love wrapped round us all
Then no one needs feel lonely
He'll catch us when we fall

This is the Christingle
A service for us everyone
Raises money for children's society
And is a huge amount of fun


Brian Miller said...

read about christingle somewhere may have been here...had never hears of that kind of service before...very cool take on the candles prompt...

Other Mary said...

What a worthy cause. I like the symbolism in the candle/orange/ribbon/fruit. I looked it up after reading your poem, and you really have condensed it well.

Mary said...

Definitely seems like the service is for a worthy cause.

Helen said...

T'is the season, perfect reason ~~ for giving.

Peggy said...

What a nice service--I am unfamiliar with it. Enjoy!