Tuesday, 11 December 2012

In the company of grandmothers

Today I was with a group of mothers
All much older than me
Some are great grandmothers
They've wrinkles on wrinkles to see

I led them in our carol concert
Hearing scripture about Jesus' birth
Raising the roof with their praise filled singing
Of carols they sing with great mirth

As I looked out across those women
I saw experience and love through time
It made me feel humble and privileged
To know them in a life like mine

They teach me about waiting it out
About how now isn't always to be
They show me that everything passes
That one day I'll look back and see

In the company of those grandmothers
I knew I had much to be learned
And better still was the knowledge
That they will stop me getting burned

If you have the chance to do likewise
I'd encourage you to spend time with some
Older women much like these whom I know
They'll help you be a much better mum


This poem was prompted by the Wednesday prompt at writers digest "in the company of ..."


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Well, this hits very close to home as I just spent a lovely couple of hours with my almost-grown grandchildren..........and I remember how important my own grandma was in my life, growing up. I loved your poem.

Ash Sharma said...

my grandma often tells me her experiences. Often, I find them very entertaining and enriching. I could in a way connect to your poem