Wednesday, 19 December 2012

If I ran the news

If I ran the news, BBC or any other
I'd include good news items to bring smile and cheer
I wouldn't repeat the disasters and endless horrors
I'd bring instead, something that would quell the fear

I hark right back to the balance of news
Where the good and the bad had equal weight
No doubt we'd be happier in this 21st century
If we didn't forever have to worry about our fate

I'd also make sure that truth came top
Above rushing it out, desperate to be first
Stories would be checked and people protected
No matter what the audiences' thirst

Of course, no one would ever give me the job
It's not the way that the world now works
But if I did, then I'm sure it would be
A contributor to a very much happier society


This poem is me venting about the news which overly covers the horrors of the world whilst completely ignoring all that is good.  It also brings in some of my hopes for a better press following the Leverson Enquiry.  The photo is the fantastic Nelson Mandela who believes in celebrating the great stuff of life.


Anonymous said...

I remember the old news programs always ending with an item of Good news, it would be nice to see it brought back

Anonymous said...

lots of the news shows here in America have good news stories and people complain that it isn't right. I guess it's a question of personal preference