Saturday, 8 December 2012

Nutty Christmas

I'm preparing for Christmas
Nuts have all be found
Pecans, hazels, almonds
No longer underground

I'm ready to deliver
To squirrel boys and girls
Nuts of every colour
Just like your Santa Claus

I've received all the letters
Checked they've all been good
On Christmas eve night
Nuts will be their food

Please don't spread my secret
The badgers do not know
It's only you and squirrels
Give presents to and fro

This piece of poetry is written in response to Jenny Matlocks Saturday Centus prompt which is the photo and the requirements to write in the first person - squirrel.  I hope you like it. Happy Christmas


Mama Zen said...

How cute!

Bookie said...

Sweet little ditty--you found inspiration i Jennys picture!

Gail said...

Santa Squirrel, what a delightful take on this prompt.

Kris Osage said...

That poem is adorable...nicely done !!!

Karen S. said...

Adorable little nutty squirrely tale of to and fro! Just perfect for the holiday mood of happy-happy!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Haha! Great fun!

Sue said...

Cute idea!


Rinkly Rimes said...

A sweet little story.

lissa said...

I like that it is not the squirrel's perceptive which makes it a sweeter story.

have a great day.

Jenny said...

What a sweet story.

I'm sitting here on the last Saturday of the year reading and smiling.

Lucky me!

Thanks for linking.

Reading your blog is always a joy!