Saturday, 15 December 2012

On the thirteenth day of Christmas

On the thirteenth day of Christmas
My true love left for me
Thirteen bags of torn paper
Twelve left over sausages
Eleven thanks cards to be written
Ten overflowing bins
Nine undelivered presents
Eight calls to be returned
Seven rooms to be tidied
Six sets of lights to pack away
Five dozen cards to recycle
Four unwanted presents
Three trees to be dismantled
Two hundred baubles
And only one of me to clear it all away.


This poem was written for Jenny Matlocks Saturday Centus with the prompt to write song lyrics for the thirteenth day of Christmas.  I'm hoping this is not what I'm left with on 7th January 2013.


lissa said...

a nice take on the prompt, although i wonder what to do with those 200 baubles after the holiday

have a great day.

EdenHouse said...

Excellent well done

Kris Osage said...

Hahahaha ! You wrote a similar piece to mine...great minds think alike ! Well done :)

Judie said...

My husband puts it all up, and he takes it all down. End of story.

Jenny said...

This was delightful! There would NEVER be leftover sausages at our house - ha!

This was quite cute!