Friday, 28 December 2012

White snow, bright snow

The prompt for Saturday centus at Jenny Matlocks blog this week was white snow, bright snow.  Here's where my (almost) 100 words laid their Christmas heads.

White snow
Bright snow
We can but dream
Cold mornings
Frozen ground
Rivers on the steam

Stars out
Moon light
Night brisk and clear
Robin feeder
Hedgehog sleeper
Perfect winter here

Oh no
Not now
That's not outside
We have
Grey skies
And floods on road sides

Too warm
Strange weather
Doesn't feel quite right
Oh well
Who can tell
What'll happen over night

I'll dream
Of snow fall
Transforming the world
Imagine how
It'll be
When it's bright and cold


Mama Zen said...

I love the rhythm of this. Fun write!

Jenny said...

I like the meter and rhythm of this.

I read it and then read it out loud!

It flows so beautifully!