Monday, 3 December 2012

123 Stick with me

Business and happiness
Joy filled laughter
Tackling most anything
Into happy every after

Then down it fell, on the ground
Sadness like a weight
Was it just last week that I
Was feeling oh so great?

Picking up, trying hard
Refusing to break down
Getting there, bit at a time
Soon I'll be back in town

Sometimes up, sometimes down
Life is full and broad
Stick with me, you won't regret
Or never feel bored


This poem is written for the Saturday centus at Jenny Matlocks blog for the prompt "was it just last week?"


Anonymous said...

Amazing the ups and downs of circumstances and moods! I'm with you! k.

Karen S. said...

Oh life does have a way of giving us ups and down, but I guess without a few downs how ever could we feel good all the time right! Great centus.

Kris Osage said...

What a refreshing way to visualize, accept and express life's ups & downs...lilting and so true !!! :)

Ruby Manchanda said...

Beautifully written

Jenny said...

Somedays that's all we have, isn't it? Going through the motions hoping that they feel natural again.

I feel your pain here.

I admire your candor.