Saturday, 8 December 2012

Standing and watching

So often I feel, just like this mannequin
Standing and watching life go by
It's not as if I'm trapped
Unable to get out
It's more a disconnect from me to them

Like a window separating, them from me
I'm not quite sure what is going on
Everything is out there
But noises are dulled
And I don't really mind not joining in

It's interesting being, an observing statue
Watching what goes on outside
The hustle of normal life
The worries and concerns
Here I'm protected, safe and sound

So I stay here watching, wondering what they're thinking
Observing everyone and everything they do
Learning, as I do
How I'll cope out there
Preparing to re-enter ... the zoo

This poem was written as part of the real toads Sunday mini challenge.  The photo is one taken by Daryl Edelstein whose photos can be found at her blogs Out and About in New York City and Through My Eyes.


Hannah said...

I think a lot of people feel this way...I do. Great way to express!

Kay L. Davies said...

You've described that "disconnect" feeling perfectly, Emma. And I love the last line!