Saturday, 14 January 2012

Are bloggers extroverts?

Are most bloggers extroverts or is it just me?

In a conversation this week about relationships and personality types it occurred to me that one of the reasons I'm so passionate about social media is that it is chatty and fulfils my extremely extrovert personality. And so I wonder; are most tweeters extroverts with too much to say for the real world?

Then I was thinking about why I blog and it won't surprise you to hear that it's because it gives me a voice; a place where I can put all these words and ideas and thoughts that are forever racing around my head. And the great thing is that when I've done with writing my thoughts I can read everyone else's at their blogs.

Now when people ask me why I blog, why I tweet, why I write I know my answer; I have all these words and I have no choice but to get them out of my head before it explodes.

So I wonder, are all bloggers and tweeters extroverts?
Are you?


Kacie said...

I'm absolutely an introvert. Being around others can drain me, but I do enjoy building friendships.

That's why small doses works best for me.

Kathryn de Belle said...

I am an introvert, without a shadow of a doubt. I communicate well using the written word but find it hard to talk to people, except one to one. I am not sociable, but not asocial. I don't blog, but I email messages that are stories about my life. I haven't quite worked out how to relate to Twitter, but it does answer a mysterious need to communicate.

Jo Royal said...

I would have actually thought blogging / tweeting was more suited to introverts - as extroverts tend to get energised by being around people. Most of the bloggers / tweeters I actually 'know' are probably more on the introvert side of the scale.

I don't think the need to get words out of your head is necessarily an extrovert tendency - introverts may well need to do that as well - but they may prefer to do so in a quieter, less crowded environment.

I guess blogging and tweeting works well for both - for extroverts because there's lots of people out there - and for introverts because they get to be sociable without physically having lots of people around. Just my thoughts :)

I am a pretty even mix of introvert / extrovert - so it works great for me :)


Amanda @ Ninth Street Notions said...

I'm an introvert myself. I enjoy blogging and tweeting because it's a way to communicate with others on my own time and in a quieter environment.

The Girl Behind said...

I see myself as an introvert on the whole. I love the way that the social web - particularly twitter and blogging - enables us to feel part of things without always having to interact.

I do a lot of watching and reading (which I think makes me a lurker!), and some writing myself. I'm really trying to work more on interactions and bringing out my extrovert side. I know it's in there somewhere!

Emma Major said...

It just goes to show that it takes all sorts, it's fantastic to know that introverts get as much from blogging and tweeting (probably in a different way) as extroverts. And it's lovely to meet all you guys xxx