Friday, 13 January 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful Week 2

I love this opportunity to think of the positive on a Friday morning, I am so thankful to Mich for hosting the link up which allows me to read other people's reasons to be cheerful. This is honestly the ONLY way to end the week and start the weekend.

After the day I had yesterday I need the chance to remember how blessed my life is and all I have to be grateful for. Yesterday was one of the worst days I've had ever in my ministry and I know I'll be beating myself up over it for months to come. It is inappropriate to go into details but out of it all there is much to be grateful for including:

- A vicar who manages to lead, teach and support all at the same time and who understands what it's like to be starting out in ministry
- Friends who remind me about why they like me
- Mike, who when the chips are down really does know just what to say
- An active prayer life which holds me tight even when words fail and emotions overflow
- Sunshine which warms my heart, soul and body
- The chance to listen to the whole of Nirvana's Nevermind Album whilst Rachel was at Beavers
- An early night which restored my emotional and physical energy

I have so many reasons to be cheerful and it does me good to be able to remember them during those times when life seems so overwhelming and I doubt myself.

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kateonthinice said...

I like the diverse reasons and how they contrast with each other. Whatever keeps you cheerful has to be a good thing