Thursday, 5 January 2012

Twitter is not a load of throw away comments

I am pretty much the sole twitterer at my church, although I think there are a few others who secretly tweet or lurk but don't wish to be tarred with the same brush that I am.  The ongoing comment about my tweeting is right on the verge of dismissal and respect; people are quite impressed that I join in with this "dark art" but also think I'm wasting my time and energy in the frivolous.

I had no way of explaining to people just how great twitter can be; mostly because you can't explain what an alien is to those who don't know there's any possibility of life beyond earth.  Besides which I prefered not to worry about what people may think of my twittering; I enjoy it and find it fulfilling and that's all that really matters.  I have gained huge support from twitter through my training and formation and have had the opportunity to learn from people I otherwise would never have had the chance to meet; but that's been my own personal business.

In the last week however I have managed to get myself into some pretty amazing twitter conversations on theology, society and the nature of the meaning of life.  I was caught into debates which went on for several hours, involving dozens of people and going into the real depth of issues which are rarely talked about.  I was challenged, I was confused at points, I learned a lot, I enjoyed myself entirely.

If you think that twitter is just a load of throw away comments about meals and tv and celebrities let me assure you that it is, but it's also so much more!  Good things happen in those 140 characters and it really help me learn to explain myself more succinctly.


Kathryn de Belle said...

Some aspects of Twitter I love, including the wittier of the throwaway lines. Anything that makes me smile can only be a good thing! I enjoy many blogs and learn a lot from following links that interest me.
But I think I need twitter-driving lessons, because it takes up far too much of my time, and I've only got a few people to follow. I don't think I could cope with any more!
Anyway, I'm hooked for sure.

Anne said...

Thank you Emma. I too believe I am the only 'twitter' addict in my church and I have experienced the dismissive comments (even from the pulpit) and the ridicule. But, like you, I have come to value the conversations, and the access to opinions from within the church and without, and the support - as well as the humour and the links to new sources of information and opinion.