Monday, 14 May 2012

#100WCGU Rumble in the Jungle

This week the 100 word challenge for grown ups gave us five words to be included in our piece:

I can't tell you where my crazy mind was at this evening as I pondered the words, but I have an image of a very strange but loveable animal.

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I hear a rumble in the jungle
It's coming very near
The sound of it's enormous
And I'm trying not to fear

Whatever it is that's coming
With an apple in its mouth
Has a silly curly tail and
a yellow arrow pointing south

It seems to smile right at me
Helps me relax a bit
Says its name is liberty
"why don't you come and sit?"

So I sit down there beside her
With that animal I don't know
We talk about the empire
And then it's time to go.


Sally-Jayne said...

This made me smile!

Older Mum said...

That was great. Made me chuckle!

Jean Mishra said...

I absolutely adore this piece! I'm one who love whimsy and this really came to life for me. You did a wonderful job. This is my favorite this week!

Emma Major said...

Thanks guys, I still can't quite believe I write it. I've obviously been reading Rachel a bit too much Rudyard Kipling

Louise said...

That made me and daughter smile :-)

Gilly said...

Lol very clever!

SharonW said...

You never expect poetry!

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

I do love a bit of nonsense. Only a sketch of the creature is missing. Now we'll all be left wondering what it looks like.

Anonymous said...


Sally said...

Lovely poem, made me smile. Well done.

SusanKMann said...

What a lovely poem. x

Anna said...

Haha, super poem; had a lovely rhythm to it.