Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Dairy and Wheat Elimination

Last Monday I started following a food elimination plan to try and figure out whether I am allergic to wheat (gluten) and/or dairy (lactose) as well as nuts and several fruits.   I have taken a more extreme path than many people, that's my personality, and removed everything that might be an allergen. 

Therefore in the last nine days I have eaten only:
and drunk nothing but water.

It was hard for the first few days;
almost impossible through days 3, 4 and 5;
but after that it has been fine, almost easy in fact.

In the last five days I have had:
more energy
clearer skin
brighter eyes
smaller appetite
no stomach ache
and my joints have stopped hurting.

I never would have believed this would be possible in such a short time; it is too good to be true.
I feel better physically
I feel better emotionally
I feel better about my food plan

Each morning I start my day thanking God for getting me to this place and asking for his guiding arm on my food throughout the day.  For the first time I am truly believing that even this stubborn and contrite part of me can be handed over to Him for healing, guidance and loving.

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