Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Reflect yourself in a mirror

How do you see yourself in the mirror?
Do you like what you see?

Would you like a more interesting mirror?
How about one that really reflects you?

At the weekend Rachel used a mirror tile and permanent pens to decorate a mirror with a frame that reflects herself.

Straight away she knew what she wanted to create and she created it. It was swirls and lines and dots in a frame and I really liked it; but she wasn't happy.

She washed it all off and started again.
This time she created a heart to look at herself in and decorated the outside with dots. I loved this one as well, but again it didn't meet her high expectations.

The third time she combined both ideas and used swirls to decorate the outside of a heart shaped mirror; she loved that.

I loved all three versions but I adore the last one because Rachel sees it as a reflection of herself; that's what art is all about.

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