Sunday, 13 May 2012

Birth Trauma Association - A small charity a day in May - Day Thirteen.

Welcome to day thirteen in Week Two - when pregnancy goes wrong where I highlight those small charities that help parents cope when pregnancy goes wrong.

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This week we have highlighted six charities that support families when pregnancy goes wrong; all are close to my heart and do amazing work across the country. Today I am highlighting a charity which a friend signposted me to as well as allowing you to add charities that you know help families in pregnancy and early childhood.

The Birth Trauma Association (BTA) supports all women who have had a traumatic birth experience. It is estimated that, in the UK alone, this may result in 10,000 women a year developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Also, as many as 200,000 more women may feel traumatised by childbirth and develop some of the symptoms of PTSD.

The BTA wants women to know that they are not alone. On their web pages they offer emotional and practical support to women and also their families.

The BTA is run entirely by volunteers and relies on donations to continue with its work.

For more information please visit their website

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