Monday, 21 May 2012

5 Little Known Facts About Me

I am pretty much an open book so it's been quite tricky thinking of 5 little known facts about me, but I've found some, enjoy.

1. I wish I could sing for a living
I love to sing, it fills my soul with joy and lifts my heart. 
I adore music of all forms and will sing any and all of it, at the top of my lungs. 
I find it almost impossible not to sing along with music, it just feels so wrong. 
I wish I could sing for people every day, but instead I sing for me and that is enough.

2. I wanted to be Prime Minister
I used to think that I could make the world a better place by being a politician.
I was a young member of the Liberal Democrat party and wanted to make a difference.
I then realised that the talking shop which is politics would drive me nuts.
I love making a real difference locally, where I can, this is where real change happens.

3. I don't want to be thin
I truly don't, never have.
I don't even have any desire to be a size 12, a 16 would be fine.
I like being different, I like being me, it's how I've always been and it's good.
I do however want to be healthy and that is why I keep trying to loose weight.

4. I would love to pack up the family and go on a world tour
I want to take Rachel and Mike and three bags
I want to travel every continent of the world in a year
I want to show Rachel how big the world is and what it's worth
I want to ignore the fear about it and just do it knowing it'll be life changing.

5. I am scared of walking into rooms of people I don't know
I have always been shy
I have learned how to cope
I have ways of dealing with my nerves and shyness
I still feel sick to my stomach before I walk into a room of strangers

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