Saturday, 26 May 2012

Christian Community Action - a small charity a day in May - Day Twenty Six.

Welcome to day twenty six in Week Four - Taking and Saving where I highlight those small charities that support those who need help in their day to day lives.

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Christian Community Action (CCA) is a Reading charity committed to helping local people who are in need. They offer;
- A listening ear at support centres
- Essential furniture items from their warehouse
- Affordable goods through their charity shops
- Work opportunities for those finding their way back into the workplace

Above all, they value individuals just as God does.

Their values are stated as:
We are doing this in Reading and believe God would have a similar work in many other towns and cities. If this is to happen we shall need a sustainable operating model supported by a church that is ready to pray, fund and resource the work.

The operating model must be based on the needs of our clients – the disadvantaged and marginalised within our community. It must work alongside other local social action groups and also Social Services. The church in the Reading area must be motivated into social action with all congregations linked into the work. The local operation must engage with regional and national groupings.

Above all else - we must keep listening to God!

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