Friday, 18 May 2012

Finding your Inner Child

I adore my inner child and make a point of encouraging everyone to connect with the playing, exploring, ranting, raving and happy go lucky kid inside themselves.  It's about playing and asking questions and getting messy and really experiencing things afresh.

Today I saw something which truly spoke to me about finding your inner child. 
It made me smile and then laugh out loud in sheer joy; that's why I just have to share it with you today.

Picture the scene:
There's a park; a lot like this one

with a kids playground; a lot like this

There are an elderly couple, I am guessing in their mid seventies, possibly a little older.
No surprises so far.

Then I realise that this wonderful elderly couple are riding on the roundabout. Well actually the woman was sitting on the roundabout smiling from ear to ear whilst the man was pushing her around, and also grinning like a cheshire cat.

What joy; what pure fun and love that couple were experiencing.
It's really made me want to ride a roundabout today, how about you?


Jo Royal said...

More of a swing girl myself :)

Emma Major said...

me too Jo :-)