Sunday, 13 May 2012

Have you ever wanted to fly...

... In one of these?

I know most of the world wants to partake in the hot air balloon experience but it just terrifies me.

It's not the flying or the possible falling, although both of those concepts raise my blood pressure; it's the take off and landing.

Have you ever seen them take off?
It's less of a take than a bounce
And less of an off than a along
It's the thing my nightmares are made of.

Once you're up in the sky then you float effortlessly.

But then you have to come back to earth with a bump; and it really is a bump, and another, and another. Oh and it's often side on with a bit of dragging along the ground.

It seems more like an accident than a landing to me.

The trouble is ....
I still want to see what the world looks like from up there.

So I'm stuck with the desire to fly but the fear of taking off and landing.

It's a lot like how I feel about going to the awards ceremony at BritMums Live. I want to go and experience the event and meet all these other bloggers; but I'm so afraid of walking in and trying to mingle that it almost gets in the way.

So the question is....

Can I withstand the fear to experience the flying?

I hope so; and I'm going to use the only help I know might work - prayer. Prayer will remind me that I'm never alone and that God called me to blog and reach out into the world; this is just a part of that.

I might be terrified, but I know it'll be worth every second of apprehension.

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Susanna said...

Meet me for coffee before. Ok?