Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Link - A small charity a day in May - Day Seventeen.

Welcome to day seventeen in Week Three - Caring and Sharing where I highlight those small charities that care for those in need and share their skills.

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The Link is a befriending service primarily for older people. They aim to reach out to those people in our community who could do with a little extra company. They provide volunteers to visit local residents around once a week or so, in order to offer friendship and support.

Perhaps due to illness or relocation, bereavement or disabilities, people can find themselves feeling far from friends and family and end up spending long periods of time on their own. Yet meeting new people and developing new friendships is nearly always life-enhancing and no-one is too old to start. New friends can be found at every stage of life.

They started in 1998 in Woodley as a result of concern by members of some local churches. In 2007 a network of 19 local churches was established in order for them to be able to reach older people across the wider Wokingham Borough area. In November 2010, they registered as an independant charity. They continue to work with now 27 local churches as well as other organisations and individuals who volunteer to work with them.

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