Friday, 25 May 2012

The Way Foundation - A small charity a day in May - Day Twenty Five.

Welcome to day twenty five in Week Four - Taking and Saving where I highlight those small charities that support those who need help in their day to day lives.

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The Way Foundation - WAY - aims to support young widowed men and women as they adjust to life after the death of their partner – whether that was a month, a year, or ten years ago.

They have lively social groups that meet up throughout the year – for drinks, meals out, walks and picnics. They organise weekends away for adults and families, go camping, have parties and offer an alternative social life that does not revolve around couples.

All their groups are run by volunteers who are WAY members, which means everyone you meet in WAY will understand something about what you’ve been through.

Despite their grief, WAY members do know how to laugh and have fun. Supporting each other is a great way to learn to live again after the trauma of watching a loved one die.

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