Thursday, 24 May 2012

How do you feel about Judas?

I have always felt sorry for Judas.
How about you?

I've felt deeply that there was no choice for him and that he was following the truth in his life. Sure he could have changed that; but should he be held to blame and kept as a bad person? Surely the forgiveness of the cross included him and yet "the church" centuries ago expunged any mention or thought of that.

I have made mistakes, I have done my own share of Judas actions and what has got me through is the understanding and knowledge of forgiveness through it all. I feel sorry for Judas because this was something he could have been talked out of by Jesus, but there's no mention that that was tried. Jesus literally talked me out of behaviours that were threatening me and my little family; I wish Judas had had that.

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