Friday, 18 May 2012

How to write a Blog Disclaimer

I have been meaning to write a disclaimer for my blog for a long time, but it's been one of those jobs that never gets done because it's not exciting or interesting or even on my radar.  However the time has finally come and I have been researching what needs to go in a disclaimer and more importantly, why.

What is a blog disclaimer?
It is a sentence or two which states that my blog is my own entirely and does not reflect the opinions, beliefs or doctrines of any organisation I work for.

Why do I need a blog disclaimer?
I write my blog as an individual, it is very much my blog and as such contains my opinions, concerns, interests and experiences.  

I am also a Licensed Lay Minister in the Church of England and have been made aware that this means what I say (and blog) has perhaps more influence and weighting given to it than if I was just a random person on the street.  This means that I might inadvertently lead people to think that my opinions are those of the Church or my local church; neither of which is necessarily true.

Add to this the fact that I am forthright and headstrong, some like to call me a loose cannon, and that leaves me open to disagreement and disapproval.  Those who know me know that my gobby personality is balanced by my acceptance of difference and love of all through God's Grace; but this is not necessarily understood by those who stumble upon my occassional rants.

How did I write my blog disclaimer?
1. I asked other bloggers what they based their disclaimers on.
2. I looked at a huge range of blog disclaimers
3. I jotted down what I wanted to get across
- my opinion
- not those of anyone else
- what matters most to me
4. I drafted and redrafted and eventually decided I was happy to post it on the blog

Here it is, and you'll find it permanently on my sidebar for all to see.

I am Emma and this is my personal blog, all opinions are my own and not those of the church I serve. I am headstrong and forthright, but above all I am guided by God's calling to Love One Another.

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