Tuesday, 12 June 2012

#100wcgu Buzz Buzz Buzz

The prompt for the 100wcgu this week is There’s a real buzz about this place. Here's where my crazy mind took me this week.

Buzz buzz buzz
That's all I can hear
Buzz buzz buzz
It's loud in my ear

Bees are buzzing all around
In and out the eaves
Flying around in several groups
Exploring nearby leaves

Rachel doesn't like it
Mike's searching pest control
I just stand there watching
Them going in and out the hole

I think they're solitary bees
Not the ones that hive
They'll stay all through the summer
Then no longer be alive

I like the fact they're with us
There's a real buzz about the place
Just hope they stay being friendly
And don't fly in my face


Older Mum said...

I thought that this was great! It really made me smile - it had such a light and humourous tone to it. Good luck for the BIBS - just saw the badge!

Anna said...

Great poem! Has a really good feel to it.
(Did you know that some bees hibernate over the winter?)
Good luck in the BiB by the way :)

Emma Major said...

Thanks, are you going to be there?

Emma Major said...

Hibernating bees, where? Think I might need to check my roof space. See you at bibs?

Sally-Jayne said...

Great poem - the rhyming seemed effortless. I love the image of you just standing calmly watching them while around you others are panicking to get rid of them.

It's funny isn't how solitary bees never seem that solitary. We get them in our garden - must have counted at least two dozen holes in the last few days.... And that's in addition to the swarm that set up home in the tree outside. There's definitely a buzz about my place this year!

Sandra Crook said...

The meter on this is spot on. Nice take on the prompt.

Sandra Crook said...

Oops, I commented but seemed to have lost it.

Nice take on the prompt, and meter spot on. Well done.

Lynne said...

Good one!

Anonymous said...

This one reads out loud so well,love it!

jfb57 said...

This has such a great rhythm to it and is such a great description of our relationship with bees. Thank you for sharing your poetry!

SharonW said...

Cute! I always prefer to give solitary bees a respectful distance, myself.

Sally-Jayne said...

Love the rhythm and rhyme of this! Tried to comment a few days ago, but it didn't show. Hope this one doesn't go astray.