Sunday, 10 June 2012

I am a writer, this is how I write PART 1

The Writer in You Blog Hop!

Today I have been inspired to write following a prompt at The Writer in you Blog Hop. I have only just realised that I can and should refer to myself as a writer; after all I write and I even get read so that's what it's all about.

The question this week is: Do you outline your writing?
In order to answer this I need to think about my different types of writing separately.

Article, Sermon, Presentation and Talk Writing
I always produce an outline when I'm writing for a publication. Firstly because it's about respecting the publication which has asked me to write; secondly because it helps me stay on course; and thirdly because it makes sure that my chatty style is minimised and my professional tone enhanced. Of course that doesn't mean that I strict rigidly to my outline, but it certainly helps.

Book Writing
My first three Divine Routes books came straight from God, through my hands and into my computer. There was no plan, no outline, nothing which was forced or came from me; they came from God in a way that I never would have believed possible. However to extend the books to other stories I needed to understand the structure of the stories I had been "given" and then use that as an outline for the others. This really helps me now, and it also helps me know when I'm forcing it rather than letting God talk through my words; the outline is just that.

For other books I'm working on, and have in the past; I tend to write down my idea and inspiration first. From this I prepare an outline and then let the book go with the flow; sometimes it stays true to the original plan, mostly not and I've learned not to worry about that.

Blog Writing
I never write an outline, I just go where the words and thoughts take me. I know most bloggers draft and review and rewrite before they post, but that's not my blogging style. My blog is more like a chat, it's my own thoughts through my words as I would do if I was having a conversation.

So how about you?
Do you write outlines?
Do you stick to them if you do?

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