Saturday, 30 June 2012

God opens doors

Today was my dear friend's ordination; she is now a Deacon in the Church of England in the best parish I know. It was a joy and an honour to share her special day with her and it brought back all the awe, wonder and excitement that my licensing did 6 months ago. Fantastic.

I was hit with inspiration time and again during the service and one if the things which became very clear to me ... God opens doors.

When times are tough and doors keep closing; God will open new ones.

When life is good but you aren't hearing His will for you; God will open doors and beckon you through.

God opens doors; we just have to look out for them and walk through.

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Amanda said...

This is beautiful! I find it difficult to talk openly about my faith but it is what gets me through. When I didn't know if I could have kids I learnt to trust that however painful it would be, there would be something else I was meant to do. When I did fall pregnant but suffered severely with sickness and health issues throughout my heart ached knowing to do it again might be too much. And I had to watch for the new door to appear as the one with my dream for a large family closed. It isn't easy, but it is the trust that God has a plan and will show me the way that keeps me going :)