Thursday, 21 June 2012

Would you choose a legal tax avoidance scheme?

You know, ones which are allowed by law, make use of tax loop holes and are promoted by some financial advisors?

Be honest, would you?

I am far from perfect but over the years have never joined any scheme which promised me "a smaller tax bill" even when financial advisors have looked at me like I'm crazy. It's just always seemed right to me that if I can earn enough to pay tax and employ an advisor that I SHOULD pay the right tax.

It is part of what makes our society fair for all; for the sick, elderly, young, disabled and unfortunate.

This doesn't mean that I think the tax system works perfectly, but I'd rather deal with that through the political system.

So please, share with me; if offered the chance to legally avoid some of your tax bill - would you?

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Mark Cresswell said...

This is hard because everyone uses personal allowances. People with more money can offset their giving against higher rate tax, and if you have loads of money you can start to invest it in ISA's and other saving schemes. It's a case of where do draw the line for a moral boundary.