Monday, 18 June 2012

Revelations and Rants; A Poem

When the road seems steep
Or curves out of my sight,
I pray to be shown the way
Whether it's left or right,

Revelations are given to me
Most often when I'm in need,
Given in ways that I can see
And in words that I can read.

Sometimes they come through songs
Or in a newspaper piece,
Often through other people's words
Until I hear, they just don't cease.

And when I finally hear it
It seems so obviously clear,
A light switched on, a page turned,
No longer that thing I fear.

But few people take it seriously
They doubt what they don't understand,
It's easier to declare us crazy
When we say it's all in hand.

But I've learned not to worry
No longer do I rant or rave,
I know my God gives this to me
And I'm thankful for the road He paves.

1 comment:

Young Mummy said...

Found from BritMums blog prompts. Love the fact you made a poem from the prompts :) xx