Thursday, 28 June 2012

Where I find my inspiration

I love this Britmums prompt:
What keeps you ticking as a writer, blogger, parent and yourself? Share the things/people/events that have INSPIRED you to be, do and create.
Life itself is what inspires me as a blogger; the events I see on the news, the things I see in my life, the people I talk to, Rachel and her questions, Mike and his doubts.  I walk through life with my eyes and ears open and invariably I feel inspired.

Rachel inspires me to be a parent; she is easy to love, easy to spend time with (mostly) and a sponge for everything possible to learn.  She started asking questions as soon as she could talk and she hasn't stopped since.  Last night I found myself somehow trying to answer questions about gay relationships and whether they could have children; I didn't expect that one to be on her radar yet.

God inspires me to minister and just be me; if He can love me with all my faults then how could I do anything but love and help those I meet? 

In the same way, children inspire me; I adore spending time with kids and being able to provide them with fun and love and learning; it is a blessing.


Anonymous said...

such a great reminder.

Emma Major said...

I'm so sorry that I didn't see your comment before, but thanks for inspiring me in poetry this time

Anonymous said...

I've just seen this after clicking through from your own today, they are both brilliant

Emma Major said...

thanks, for anyone who hasn't seen the's here