Friday, 22 June 2012

Looser with a Laptop

Or more accurately;
Finalist with a Phone

At the Brilliance in Blogging Awards today Katy Hill uttered the unforgettable phrase "if you're not a winner then you're a looser with a laptop".

Well I didn't win, that honour went to a woman who I thought would win right from the start. But I definitely don't consider myself or my blog a looser. We were nominated, then shortlisted and finally became a finalist. That's three wins as far as I'm concerned.

So instead I am naming myself a finalist with a phone.

That's what I do; I share my life my interests, my passions and my faith on my blog, mostly typed on my phone in between all the crazy busyness of my life.


Kate on Thin Ice said...

You do fab!
It was a strange comment from Katy who I liked a lot but that comment grated a bit

Amanda said...

Ooh, I missed the BiBs so obviously missed that comment. What a strange choice of words! Sounds like your blog is loved by a lit of people. And I wouldn't call any blogger a loser, everyone is fab in their own way!

Also, how amazing you blog from your phone! I find commenting on mine hard enough, always end up with tons of typos.

Sara said...

That comment actually hurt me a little. I didn't expect to win but was honoured to be a finalist.