Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Equal civil marriage consultation

This morning the BBC is reporting some headlines about the Church of England's response to the equal civil marriage consultation. I read the article with despondency and despair. You can see it here: BBC News: Church of England warning on gay marriage

I was hoping that the poor light by which the CofE was reflected in the article was more about poor journalism and dramatic reporting, so I dug out the actual Church of England response to consultation on equal civil marriage and now I just hang my head in shame.

I agree with much of what the Church of England response says in its biblical context and upholding of the sanctity of marriage. But my despair though is that the response shows a church which is refusing to think about WWJD (what would Jesus do) and how marriage is so much more than old definitions.

Not a great day for CofE public relations!


Anonymous said...

A lot of people, including me, share your reaction, Emma.
Coupled with yesterday's news, saying WATCH feel the bishops' amendments to the women bishops legislation mean they cannot support it, and I despair.

In the public mind, the church will now stand for discrimination.
As you say WWJD?

Emma Major said...

My wonderful wise vicar reminded me today that we're called to the local ministry in our communities; I pray that Jesus' actions through us keep the reality of the church and it's grace true.