Thursday, 14 June 2012

Your light in my life

A beautiful, fabulous, wonderful friend of mine in New York took this photo (with no special equipment, filters or editing) when she was in the woods upstate. She posted it on her Facebook wall and it screamed at me about the way light travels deeper than we can ever imagine. I just HAD to be able to blog about it and she agreed.

The posting of this post has been delayed because she has no belief in what this photo says to me. I've tried hard to write my thoughts in a way that I hope speaks to her; this is not about conversion, it's about conversation; something which gets tricky when the subject is God.

Heather my love, this is inspired by you and for you.

In darkness we stand
Within the trees
Then the sun shines through
The branches and leaves

The light falls down
Upon my face
It warms my skin
A perfect embrace

I know you're here
With me today
I feel your presence
I hear you say

"I'm with you always
I will never leave,
I hold you all tightly
Whether or not you believe"

1 comment:

heather said...

beautiful. i love you emma. xH