Monday, 11 June 2012

4 life changing weeks ahead: #BiB awards, Zambia and Writing

I know it sounds dramatic but believe me this is the truth, my next four weeks are likely to be life changing; here's why.

1. Mission Trip to Zambia
In 24 days I will be on my way to Zambia with nine amazing people from St Nics including two of the most wonderful teenagers I know. We will be visiting the Jubilee Centre in Ndola and helping where we can with what we can. I have no experience of Africa since I became a mum and have realised its going to be a very different trip than those I've taken before. I have no doubt that this trip will be life changing for me, as to how, I wait to discover.

2. Motherhood
This amazing trip to Zambia also means I have to shed tears galore because I'll be leaving Rachel at home for 11 days. I still can't believe I'm going to do this; I find it hard enough to be away 2 nights in the same country, let alone 10 nights across several continents. I know this will be hard, really hard for both of us; but I also believe this is a good thing. It will help Rachel realise that I'm not her only parent; it will help me learn to give her some more freedom and it will help us both appreciate the time we have together. But I have a good supply of tissues at the ready none the less.

3. Brilliance in Blogging Awards
12 days from now I'll be getting ready to go to London to attend the Brilliance in Blogging Awards Ceremony. This is me being completely out of my comfort zone, meeting people I don't know, mixing in a way that I don't think I'm good at and trying to be me in all that. It might seem strange that someone who can preach and present talks at festivals can be so shy about going to an award ceremony; but it's something I just feel unprepared for. My normal fall back stance for things like this which scare me is to not go, but this time I'm determined to go. I want to allow myself to be proud of my blogging. I want to meet these amazing bloggers who I admire. And I want to change the pattern of how I deal with fear. I don't expect to win, but I will be proud as punch just to be there.

4. Berkshire Babyloss Support Group and Miscarriage Ministry
I am doing a lot with BBSG at the moment, I am due to meet local midwives, GPs, health visitors and then the local hospital over the next few months and this all kicks off in the next few weeks. I am hoping to get these medical professionals to tell more mums and dads who experience miscarriage about the support group. At the same time I am writing my talk which will be delivered at Greenbelt Christian Festival this August. This talk is about miscarriage and babyloss, what parents need by way of support and how churches can help with this.

5. Divine Routes
This month I hope to meet with the person I would like to be the illustrator of my divine routes books for the first time. She is young and talented and passionate and I pray that we can work together to get illustrations which bring my stories to life ready for their publication. This is another huge step in the process and will be life changing for us both I'm sure.


The Mini Mes and Me said...

Truly inspiring with your work to help others - I hope your trip goes well. Good luck with the illustrator and awards too. It does sound like life changing events to me.

Thanks for linking up with Monday Me x

Emily Fourfun said...

Best of luck for all your challenges and adventures - sounds a scary but very exciting time! x