Saturday, 30 June 2012

Why does the Holy Spirit make me cry?

I wish I knew; not to stop it necessarily, but to understand.

It happened today at the ordination service; tears galore during the ordination, the sermon, the prayers and some of the hymns.

It rarely happens at church services any more, but often does when I'm preparing services or kids sessions.

Does anyone know why?
Give me a clue.


Anonymous said...

the tears show the working of the spirit, don't regret them, celebrate them

Jennifer Wood said...

I do this & it's embarrasing if I am in my car driving & listening to a sermon or song of praise or in church. I am sure it must be alarming to other people to see a grown woman crying. It cannot be helped though and I'm certain it is the Holy Spirit moving me. I see people moved to sing and praise & here I am crying, Lol. I would NEVER want the Holy Spirit to leave me though, so if that's how He moves me it's not for me to understand.

Anonymous said...

I came to your blog looking for the reason why too. I was at church yesterday for the first time in years and my eyes wouldnt stop watering. I had to temporaily think about other things to stop, but everytime I would follow along, the tears came. After googling this for about a day now, I am thinking it was the Holy Spirit touching me and I will just suck it up and let it happen because I see it now as a beautiful thing, even if my husband gets embarrassed. lol.