Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Everlasting Elegance

On the walk home from school today Rachel and her two BFFs and a younger sister started picking flowers from the grass verge and giving them to me. In holding them I made them into a little posey, a perfect formed posey of urban wildflowers.

In the five minutes of walking they collected:
Grass seed heads

Individually they were pretty, but together they were Enchantingly Elaborate.

I held these flowers knowing they'd wilt and become shadows of their former self in mere hours. I felt sadness is not being able to keep their beauty alive.

Had I forgotten that I don't live in the 1970s of my own childhood?
I had momentarily jettisoned out of the electronic age and ignored the camera in my pocket (go on friends, laugh at the rarity of this).

As I snapped a few photos of the posie I realised it was now everlasting, to remain forever as fresh and beautiful as when the girls selected them.

Ethereal. Elegant. Everlasting.


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Enchantingly elaborate...

love that phrase, so appropriate...


edenhills said...

Wonderful! So sweet of the girls to gather them, and I'm so glad you remembered that camera and shared them with us.

lissa said...

it's wonderful just to see photos, they certainly will last awhile.

have a sweet day.

Andy David said...

They are gorgeous. I'd say they are definitely Emotions Of Poetry. (smile).
Thanks for sharing.

Emma Major said...

Thanks, I just love the joy of creation

Emma Major said...

They are THE most gorgeous girls

Emma Major said...

Isn't it great to capture these small memories forever

Emma Major said...

Nice link Andy; and oh so true :)

anitamombanita said...

Love that! I've had my grandkids all week long and have set the camera aside...I can either enjoy them or take pictures, but not both...and the photos are never as good as they are!

Judie said...

Quite a colorful collection of elegance you have there! Your photos are wonderful.

Jim said...

Good one, LL ~~ Reminds me of when I would bring my mom home from school the dandilions and wild violets I had picked.
When I saw they them would be for Mom.

Jim said...

I Emma again, my "E" words are at

Emille said...

Lovely wildflower bouguet! Sweet memories!

Jenny said...

Oh, oh, oh!

What an exquisitely excellent post for the letter "E".

This was such a sweet link.

Thank you.