Wednesday, 20 June 2012

In just two weeks we'll be on our way #100wcgu

In just two weeks we'll be on our way
To Zambia
In Africa
Ten of us going on a mission trip
Teachers, nurses
Young and old(er)

I'm excited, please don't get me wrong
The trip, the people
The experiences
But in the dark recess of my mind
There's worry
And so much of it

Worry for Rachel
here at home
Worry for Mike
coping alone
Worry for me
seeing it now as a mum

Luckily worry has an antidote
Faith and Love
Active Prayer
So tonight I pray, as each day ahead
Lord protect
Lord protect.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful I'm sure you will love it. I spend just a few hours in Zambia just over Vic falls!

SharonW said...

I hope everything goes very well for you on your trip and for those you leave at home!

jfb57 said...

Have a wonderful time. I'm sure your fears will be groundless. They did however produce a great piece of writing!

Emma Major said...

I wish I could find to go down to the falls, but that's delay me getting home to my family and I don't want to do that. Do you have photos?

Emma Major said...

Thanks Sharon; I'll be blogging the journey as much as possible so watch this space

Emma Major said...

Thanks Julia, I'm just getting the worrying out of the way ;)

Sally-Jayne said...

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time there. Don't let the worrying spoil it.

Midlife Singlemum said...

Lord protect is a good prayer. I like it's simplicity. Have a successful and safe trip.

DancingInTgeRain said...

Very nicely expressed. But no feeling guilty - think of the good you will be doing. Shame about the Falls though. When I left hubby and young kids to go away on business, I usually added on a day or two for pure 'me' time. It made little difference at home - they had got used to me being away and it gave me that extra boost before returning to the humdrum of daily life.

DancingInTgeRain said...

And, of course, take care....

Deirdre said...

I was thrilled with your poem - particularly because I grew up in Zambia and it is wonderful to hear what you are going to be doing there. A wonderful place, wonderful people. Another poem(s) about your experiences there would be terrific too