Thursday, 28 June 2012

Come as a Child Challenge #caacc week2

Welcome to the second week of Come as a Child Challenge; a weekly chance to see the world through the eyes of a child and share what the experience was like.

Each week I will give you a theme for the challenge, send you away to explore the world and report back on your blog with a link here to share with everyone else. This week I'm asking you to find time to ..... smell a flower.

Sounds easy doesn't it; and that's the point, it is.
But how often in the last week have you made time to smell a flower?
Over this coming week please go and find a flower, give it a sniff and blog what comes to mind. Then come back here, link up and see what other people found.

And remember to have fun.


BlueBearWood said...

What a lovely task. If I remember I'll join in. We're always smelling flowers along with other things in this house. Small is very important :)

Emma Major said...

I lOok forward to seeing that