Monday, 25 June 2012

Do you talk or act?

People love to talk, especially in western 21st century society.

We talk about tax,
about government,
about charity,
about children,
about teenagers,
about the elderly,
about schools,
about churches,
about hospitals,
about the welfare state
and about the weather!

There are complaints, debates, ideas and possible solutions all thrown around in houses, pubs and churches around the country. What a lot of talk. But what action is ever taken?

Do you volunteer locally?
Do you give to charity?
Do you vote?
Do you write to your MP?
Do you sign petitions?
Do you find out facts?
Do you see how you can help?
Do you act?

Jesus calls us to talk less about the problems we encounter; instead he tells us to take action to help provide solutions.

Here's a challenge this week; take an action on something you talk about a lot. Good Luck.

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