Sunday, 17 June 2012

Needing a lift

I've had a week of tummy problems; a week where nothing much had been digested. It's on the mend now thankfully but my emotions are on a real downer.

I've had an amazing, if overly busy, weekend full of joy and laughter and positivity. Yet I feel flat, in fact I feel even more down than that.

Why? Was what I kept asking myself and then the penny dropped. If nothing is staying in my system then my medicines aren't able to do their work.

Basically I haven't been taking my anti-depressants for a week. That'd explain the depressed mood.

So tonight I go to bed asking for prayers and smiles as I go through the week ahead ingesting more and feeling better.

If you're needing a lift then grab hold of the balloon; we're lifting off this week.

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