Friday, 29 June 2012

You ARE good enough

I saw this picture on pinterest and I just had to blog about it because I agree with the beginning but certainly not with the end.

Let's break it down. I agree with
the moment someone tells you you're not good enough is the moment .....

.... You question yourself
.... You question their motives
.... You ask God for guidance
.... You seek counsel for the truth

No one has the right to put someone else down. No one should ever be told they're not good enough. No one should be arrogant enough to think they know someone else and their purpose in life completely. But it CAN be an opportunity for learning and self growth; with help from people who love and support you.

What I can't agree with is
... You know you're better than them
Who are we to judge or rate someone? The moment we do that then we are as bad as the person who passed judgement in the first place.

So I'd say;
You ARE good enough, never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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