Saturday, 1 September 2012

1 day 2 see 3 new sports

Today we went to the London 2012 Olympic Park with our Olympic Park Passes. We knew we could see Tennis, Basketball, Goalball and Football if space was available in the venues.

We saw goalball in the copper box, including an amazing draw between team GB and the more experienced Sweden. The game is mind blowing with all the players blind folded and a ball hurling around; one to see if you can.

We saw a football match at the riverside between Iran and the Netherlands who lost with decorum. I guess we're not football fans because it didn't really float our boat.

We walked all the way across the park eventually arriving at Eton manor to see a wonderful wheelchair tennis match which blew us away; definitely a sport to watch again.

Sadly we didn't get into basketball, it was too popular for the hoardes wanting to get in; but we saw a fair amount of the game on the park live screen.

We had an amazing day and came away exhausted but inspired. Have you seen any new sports during London 2012 which have inspired you?

Here are some photos which give a better account than my words can. The hill rolling is an extra, unofficial sport being trialled by the new generation.

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