Monday, 3 September 2012

Eat like a stone age queen

I love this time of year; I love the way that our pretty urban suburb becomes a foraging paradise and how our own tiny garden give forth fruit and veg. There's something really deep inside which longs to be able to find fresh produce and there's joy in eating it.

Today we harvested tomatoes, broad bean pods and strawberries from the garden; and were amazed by the aubergine, chilli, grapes and pumpkin which are developing so well.

We were out walking this afternoon and saw all the blackberries. We managed to get a few which hadn't already been collected; but most were far top high to reach without a stepladder. That's for another day. We went to see a plum tree we know fruited last year and found three plums; and then went to check out the greengage tree which gave us enough to provide our five a day for a week.

On the way home Rachel searched for conkers and found a few which were ready and quite a few pale ones losing on the ground - victims of early opening I guess.

At home we surveyed our foraging and harvesting spoils. Fruit, vegetable and decorations fit for any stone age queen and her princess. Perfect.

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M_Massie said...

looks like soo much fun! I wish I could have a garden and I love discovering edible plants that and harvesting some to use and eat. In Washington we had chestnut trees growing along the sidewalks in town so we could just gather a ton on the ground into the basket of the stroller once they started to fall. It was a great game for the little one and fun to experiment with roasting and eating :)

Emma Major said...

That's so cool; there's something gorgeous about the smell of roasting chestnuts.

Emma Button said...

We went out looking for blackberries yesterday and managed to find a few. Next I'm on the lookout for sloes so that I can make gin for christmas. Chestnuts are one of my favourite though - I quite like them crushes and stir fried with green veg.

Louise said...

Beautiful pictures. Nature is amazing.

Elaine Livingstone said...

its great to use foraged food, my home grown food has been a disaster this year