Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Guided Meditation for Jesus' Baptism - Matthew 3:13-17

In this meditation we will enter into the story of Jesus’ Baptism
Whilst you listen try to imagine yourself into the story

Let’s begin
Find a comfortable position.
Breathe slowly,
in through your nostrils,
out through your mouth.
Breathe... Feel your tummy slowly rising and falling.

Imagine yourself sitting along the banks of the Jordan River.
Hear the ripple of the water
Hear the birds in the bushes
Feel the breeze in your hair
Feel the sun’s warmth on your face
Smell the earth beneath you
Smell the scent from the plants

Look up the valley
See the mountains in the distance
Feel their vastness
Feel your smallness

See all the people that have gathered around you.
They have all come to see John the Baptist.
You have come to see John the Baptist.
Some have come to be baptized.
Others are curious, they have come to listen and watch.

Off to the right you see a man
This man is different from the others
This man is walking down the hill
He is coming towards the river.

You know that he is Jesus.
There is Jesus
Jesus has come to see John the Baptist
Jesus has come to be baptized.

Jesus winds his way through the crowd
Jesus comes up to John and asks to be baptized.
John says, “I need to be baptized by you, and yet you are coming to me?”
Jesus says, “Baptize me, for it is right for you to do so.”

John baptizes Jesus.
Jesus is coming back out of the water
Look above Jesus
The heavens are opening
There is a light, like a dove
It is the Spirit of God coming upon Jesus.
Can you hear that?
There’s a voice from heaven
“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”

Stay in this place
Keep seeing the sights
Hear the smells
Touch the earth beneath you
See Jesus and the Spirit on him
Feel the emotions of seeing this
Let yourself go wherever God takes you next

It is time to leave the River bank.
Say good-bye for now.
Ask Jesus to lead you back into your life.
Say "thank you."

Come back gently.
Open your eyes.
Be Still.

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