Thursday, 12 January 2012

Meditation on The Passion

Today we will enter into the last story of Jesus' earthly life.  We will journey with Jesus in his last hours.

Whilst you listen try to imagine yourself into the story; see the sights, hear the sounds and feel the emotions.
Let’s begin
Find a comfortable position.
Breathe slowly,
in through your nostrils,
out through your mouth.
Feel your tummy slowly rising and falling.
Imagine yourself at the foot of the cross, Jesus' cross.

Jesus is hurt, damaged, wounded;
tormented, bleeding, dieing.
His hands and feet are nailed to the cross;
his head is crowned with thorns.

Why are they laughing at him?
How can they see him suffer?
Do they not care at all?
They know he's no criminal.

This is Jesus, come to earth for us,
Now suffering for us,
On the cross for us
Dieing for us

Now look next to you
Do you see Mary, Jesus' mother?
And Mary magdalene and John?
Sit with them, be with them now.

Look at Jesus' face; How does he seem?
Is he calm or anxious, ready or fearful?
If you talk he will hear you
Are there words you want to say?


Jesus' human life is ending
His time on earth finishing
His suffering washed away
His father waiting for him

And so it is time for us to leave
Say good-bye for now.
Ask Jesus to lead you back into your life.
Come back gently.
Open your eyes.
Be Still.

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