Saturday, 7 January 2012

Save All Saints

It is so sad to hear the news that in all likelihood the All Saints Pastoral Centre at London Colney in Herfordshire will be sold and developed into who knows what.  I have spent my first three Diocese of Oxford Licensed Lay Ministry conferences in this place and it holds a special place in my heart.

I know it's in need of some major refurbishment, and it doesn't really meet the standards that most of us would expect; but it's the most fabulously spiritual place and there's almost no where like it anymore.

I have been praying that someone would rescue the centre and turn it into a retreat centre or something; but clearly no one has been able to but a business case together to do so and no money has been offered to save it.  It's such a shame.  So by way of a fairwell here are some photos I've taken over the years.



Jo Siedlecka said...

Let's pray that they find away to save this place. It would be very sad to lose it.

Jo Siedlecka said...

Save All Saints campaigners have set up an e-petition at:

Fi Thomas said...

Stayed here a few times with mission conferences. It's a lovely spot - but as a Christian Conference centre is not up to its competition, so does need some refurbishing. I wonder if Hayes would take it on? I keep thinking of those faifhful nuns buried there - whiat will happen to all the generations of spirituality...?

Michelle Twin Mum said...

I did not even know about this place and it is just about 8 miles down the road from me! How I wish I had some money, my dream is for dh and I to run a retreat house.

Mich x

Emma Major said...

Jo - thanks for link to the petition, I've signed

Fi - we just have to keep praying

Mich - me too! Go pay a visit whilst it's still as is, it's a wonderful place

Colin Harte said...

The Pastoral Village Bid, which has been rejected by the Diocese would have involved refurbishment and the retention of a Pastoral Centre, a local and national Mass & Retreat Centre, (used by all Religions - truly ecumenical) - retirement flats for our golden aged clergy, a sports and swimming pool complex especially for disadvantaged children, the upgrading of St Alban's Chantry Island, allotments for the clergy and locals to name just a few of the advantages for the Diocese at no cost to it and some cash.
The fact is that the Diocese have never committed to using the place to advantage are now only interested in the money.