Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A stilling meditation with a tree

This meditation is different, this is a way of stilling yourself. Useful at the start of a retreat, or if you're feeling panicked, or if you want to just be still and connect with nature.

Find a tree which catches your attention.
It doesn’t matter why you choose it
But this is now your tree
Your tree.

Sit yourself comfortably
Relax your body so you can see your tree.
Look at your tree.
At its branches, its leaves, its trunk

Perhaps it is moving in the wind
See how it moves, bends and sways.
Maybe it is still despite a breeze in the air
See how it stands, rooted and strong.

Look at its trunk
Its connection to the earth
Feel your body,
Also connected to that earth

Imagine the roots of the tree
See their underground branches searching for water
Think of your own roots
Your own source of energy and stability

Move your eyes from the ground,
Up the trunk, along the branches and into the leaves
Imagine the softness and dampness
Feel the tree breathing

As you watch the leaves, feel your own breath
Breathe in through your mouth
Breathe out through your nose
Feel that same air keeping you alive

Now close your eyes
You know this tree
You know yourself
Let yourself know that you’re connected

Connected to the tree
Connected to the ground
Connected to the whole world
Connected to God’s wonderful creation

Try to stop your thoughts
Be like the tree
Be still, be aware,
Be you, be with nature

Just breathe
Breathe in
Breathe out
Relax and breathe

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