Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Meditation on Jesus in Prayer - Mark 1:35

"Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed."

Today we will pray about prayer
About why we pray
About what God is telling us in our prayer

Today we will think about how Jesus prayed
About why He prayed
About what God told Him in His prayer

Let’s begin
Sit yourself comfortably.
Feel your feet firmly on the floor,
Let your hands rest softly,
Allow your eyes to close gently.

Feel your muscles relax,
From your toes, through your legs,
Up your spine, down your arms,
Into your neck and over your face.

Breathe slowly,
In through your nostrils,
Out through your mouth.
Feel your tummy slowly rising and falling.

Put yourself in Capernaum
Amongst the crowds of people needing healing
Feel all the pressure of those asking Jesus to heal them
And feel how tired Jesus would have felt from all his work

It’s late and at last the crowds have left
Now you’re able to lay down your head and get some rest
And breathe…..

The sun is up already
The night seems to have past too soon
There are going to be more people needing him
He needs to have some time away speaking to his Father

Follow Jesus
He leaves the house
Walks down the street
All the houses are quiet
No one is up for the day yet

Follow him out of town
Across the fields
Up into the hills
To a quiet place

Sit next to Jesus as he relaxes
See his eyes close
See his mind open
Hear his words spill out
Feel his troubles lift away

Jesus is talking to his Father
Can you feel the peace?
Can you sense the calm?

Now God calls you to speak to Him
Next to Jesus let yourself hear
Let yourself speak
Let yourself relax in God’s presence

It is time to leave Jesus in His prayer.
Say good-bye for now.
Ask Jesus to lead you back into your life.
Say "thank you."

Come back gently.
Open your eyes.
Be Still.

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