Saturday, 5 May 2012

52nd Reading Scout Group - A small charity a day in May - Day Five.

Welcome to day five of Week One - Close to Home where I highlight those small charities that are closest to me geographically and personally. For an introduction to this series please visit

Did you know that each and every scout group is an individual charity? And the same is true for guiding. These two cornerstones of many children's lives are run by volunteers motivated by the sheer joy of sharing the love and excitement of team work and group support.

Rachel is a Beaver at 52nd Reading and she has done things I never would have imagined possible. She goes to a group where she knows almost no one, she tries activities that scare her and she thrives. The adults motivate and encourage and she responds. This is what scouting is all about, about helping kids grow.

If you have a heart for children and have time to spare then perhaps consider volunteering. But watch out, they'll probably bite your hand off.

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